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Who Are We?



Electronic company at individual prices

We are a leading online company providing professional software applications at affordable prices. We specialize in website programming, Android and iPhone application development, desktop application design and programming, and educational CD design.
Our company provides its services to customers with high quality, extreme professionalism, and moderate competitive prices. It is available to everyone. It comes from being an electronic company made up of a group of professionals without the need for additional expenses that the customer will surely bear.

Why to choose?



For Software Solutions

We have an integrated team of experienced professionals who contribute their expertise to achieving your goals with professionalism, innovation and creativity. We are also committed to technical support for all of our projects and we offer after-sales maintenance service, our professional programmers team will never let you suffer.
We care about the smallest details in your application, and we make sure that our designs are always creative and up to date, and we also ensure that the applications are reliable and efficient.
Our customers are our first concern. We strive to listen well to our customers and provide everything that serves their business. The continuous development of our applications is an integral part of our services. Our professional team can reach beyond what you envision, only you have to dream and we will make your dream a reality! We know your business is a journey, and we will strive to support you throughout the journey.


Our experience of more than ten years in the market, and from here comes confidence in us and our business


On Time

Respecting customer time and delivering work within a specific time plan is one of our top priorities


High Quality

We work at a professional level to provide the highest quality desired for our customers


After sales maintenance is one of the most important things that we care about and distinguish us


Design and programming for Android and iPhone


Our experts are professional in programming for mobile applications, whether iPhone or Android, we will provide you with the program you need with high specifications and accurate programming as soon as possible.

Web Applications’ Development


Our team of programmers who is talented and professional will provide you with a modern, elegant and innovative design for your website that is reliable, safe, professional and responsive to all devices, whether you are a company or individual or an e-marketing site or you would like an educational site we have all the solutions that suit your business

Desktop Applications Development


Our team of programmers can design unique desktop applications, which enable you to follow and manage your business accurately, as well as follow the entire workflow, issuing accurate and detailed reports, issuing invoices, inventory products, knowing their deficits and more features for the quality of all of your business activities.

Designing and programming educational CDs


Do you have an educational book and want to convert it into an interesting and attractive electronic format for your students? We have the solution, our team of designers will convert the book into an educational CD that contains attractive and interactive content in the form of distinct educational CDs






We strive to satisfy all tastes with everything that is developed, creative and innovative, which in turn contributes to positive change in the development of our customers’ business. We always love to share our amazing stories of our customers and bring their business and services to the world.

Our Work

We provide creative applications and solutions with the highest standards of quality and professionalism, we always strive to provide all that is appropriate for your business and your commercial activity to share with you in your success story from the beginning, we work with all our efforts, energies and competencies from experienced to support your business and provide high levels of service to you .
We care about the smallest details and know the importance of every minute you have, so we are always committed to providing service on time and care about after-sales maintenance and we always consider that our designs are creative and professional and laboratory in advance because your business is an integral part of our success story.

Pithsoft Team

Our team has creative talents, great passion and high innovative spirit, and it always strives to satisfy our customers with all its energy and vitality, so satisfying our customers is our goal in the first class.

Mahmoud Elmohandes


Founder of Pithsoft

Marwa Mekkawy

Web Applications Department

Wrodpress & PHP Developer 

Eman Shehab

Public Relations Department

Social Media specialist

Diaa Mohamed

Web Applications Department

Full Stack Developer

Kareim Ashraf

Mobile Applications Department

Flutter Developer

Mohamed Adly

Mobile Applications Department

React Native Developer

 What Our Clients Said About Pithsoft


Our customers are always our main concern , all the time. We care about the accuracy of their business details and always care about their opinions and strive for their satisfaction.

They are the most important factors for our company’s success and one of the basic elements of any success story.

Our happiness comes from the happiness and satisfaction of our clients and their opinions help us to continuously improve the quality of our services.

They Are Excellent

My first interaction was on the Fives website, specifically the first service I requested was with En.Mahmoud. I thank him very much for his taste and patience and for his excellent performance.  hope that there will be another deal between us soon. Thank you and all of your team

Waleed Elhadad


I love Their Work

I was very pleased to deal with Mr. Mohamed and his distinguished team. The requested works were delivered ahead of the deadline for delivery, and the answers to all our questions were always accurate, thorough and as quickly as possible. Excellent service I would recommend it to all serious buyers to try and take advantage of the availability on the platform.

Ahmed Foula
Client @ Khamsat

They Are awesome

I was very happy to cooperate with you, Engineer Mahmoud, and this was the beginning, and we have a very big deal in the coming, God willing
And I pray to God to write your work on the balance of your good deeds and to make it an up-to-date charity for you

Amr Abdelatif
CEO of Khatma