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About PithSoft

Electronic company at individual prices

Who Are We?



For Software Solutions

We are a leading online company providing professional software applications at affordable prices. We specialize in website programming, Android and iPhone application development, desktop application design and programming, and educational CD design.
Our company provides its services to customers with high quality, extreme professionalism, and moderate competitive prices. It is available to everyone. It comes from being an electronic company made up of a group of professionals without the need for additional expenses that the customer will surely bear.

The company was founded by a team of experienced professional programmers who strive to provide innovative and high-quality works, that our team has a long experience of more than ten years of work in the field of design, programming and innovation, so you are in safe hands.

We have created our website because we believe in the importance of customer service as quickly as possible and facilitate their access by all means from anywhere in the world.

We strive to satisfy all tastes with everything that is developed, creative and innovative, which in turn contributes to positive change in the development of our customers’ business. We always love to share our amazing stories of our customers and bring their business and services to the world.





Why To Choose Us?


Our experience of more than ten years in the market, and from here comes confidence in us and our business

High Quality

We work at a professional level to provide the highest quality desired for our customers


After sales maintenance is one of the most important things that we care about and distinguish us

On Time

Respecting customer time and delivering work within a specific time plan is one of our top priorities

If you are looking for excellence contact us and you will always find us at your service