Mobile App

Check Chack

” Check Chack” application connects individuals with various types of transportation options for getting from one place to another.


“Mazadak” application is a trusted Qatari platform for online auctions.

Flash Deal

“Flash Deal” is an electronic platform where users subscribe to access a variety of offers and discounts on products.


“Naksa” is an application designed for selling merchants’ products.


The “Teacher” application is an application where students and teachers can register. Students can browse through available subjects, teachers, and courses. They can also book lessons either through subscription or by the hour with the desired teacher.


The “Naomi” app is a platform for booking beauty salon services, viewing its various branches, schedules, contact details, requesting services, and prices.


The “Ersaa” app is the first platform to offer equipment services such as rental, sales, and purchasing of spare parts electronically, starting from placing the order, through approving price offers presented to you.


The “Fils” application is an advertising app specialized in displaying products from various stores across different categories.


the “Delivro” application connects users with sales representatives, where the user logs in after registration. Upon logging in, all nearby restaurants are displayed to the user. They manually input their desired items and complete the purchase.