Web Development


“Al-Tayf” is a website specializing in construction materials, where the seller is a single individual serving as both the owner and the administrator. The site features various products designed to address challenges in homes, factories, hospitals, bridges, and other architectural structures. Users can add products from different categories to their cart and specify the pickup location.


“Al-Sari” is a website that daily updates and displays profiles of workers and employment agencies. It allows easy filtering of worker profiles based on preferences such as nationality, age, gender, and more.


“Shaghala” is an online platform that connects users with companies offering various services, including domestic workers, drivers, travel agencies, and other services.


“The ‘Mazadak’ website is an online auction platform where properties, assets, goods, and various products are displayed for sale through auctions.


“The ‘Al-Ghad’ website is designed with a custom theme in a professional manner, focusing on website indexing, mobile app development, domain services, and hosting”.


The “Swat” website is designed with a custom theme for a Saudi company specializing in computer software production and applications tailored for various business purposes.

The Gate

“The Gate” website is an informative platform for a digital marketing services company, professionally showcasing its services and company profiles.


“The ‘Mor’ website is an informative platform for a recruitment company, professionally showcasing its services. It includes a job application form”.

Life Web

The” Live Web” website is a specialized online portal that focuses on social affairs for all segments of society across different layers. It serves as a social, service, and entertainment platform.