Web Development


Kafel” website serves as a platform to connect the three parties involved in the charitable loan: the foundation, the contributor, and the recipient.

The Electronic Mashriq Library

“The Electronic Mashriq Library” website contains a vast collection of books, reviews, quotations, and authors. You can search for what you need by the publisher’s name, publication year, author’s name, or book title.

Rokn Al-manal

“Rokn Al-Manal” website.. is an informative platform for a company that provides electronic marketing services.

Live educational website

“Taaleemi Live” is an online educational platform that brings together schools, teachers, and students who create their own accounts.

Flex Solutions

“Flex Solutions” website.. is an informational platform about the company.

Go cleaners

“Go cleaners” website allows you to request cleaning and disinfection services for your home or workplace.

Technical Presentations Foundation

The “Technical Presentations Foundation” website is an informative platform showcasing the services and products offered by the foundation.

Chat Bot

The “ChatBot”.. website provides an automated chat service that can be embedded into your own website.